No. 75 Hibiscus Prosecco 4 oz. Reed Diffuser

No. 75 Hibiscus Prosecco 4 oz. Reed Diffuser

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Fragrance Notes: Hawaiian Hibiscus, Ripe Pomelo, Vanilla Honey

With Trapp luxury reed diffuser refills, you can enjoy your favorite fragrance all day. Refill your favorite diffuser vessel and adjust the intensity of fragrance by adding or removing reeds. Perfect for any space in your home or store in a closet for fresh-smelling sheets, clothes, and towels. Our luxury reed diffusers are a flameless addition to our signature poured candles.

An intoxicating fusion of Hawaiian hibiscus and ripe pomelo is paired with fruity prosecco. Vanilla-infused honey adds warmth and balance to this floral indulgence.

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